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ABOUT US EM-Smart Official Mall 3PLASERS® is the official mall & manufacture & supplier of EM-Smart. EM-Smart is one of the laser products under 3PLASERS®. We have 23 years of laser industry experience, committed to R&D and production and of innovative laser equipment. After Sales Service: 2-Year Warranty (repair or replacement) LEARN MORE
This is a great machine and company. I have both the laserpecker, and a C02 laser. This was a nice addition to the current machines. It provides a new avenue to expand products for customers. I really hope they came out with a rotary accessory to go along with the machine this will make it a complete package. The customer service is top of the line and something many other companies could learn from.
Willard Owens
Willard Owens
Ordered EM-Smart One
It could be the smalllest 20W Fiber Laser Machine in the world.
Easy to use and operate
Sellers/Customer Service are exceptional support. I got some issues with logistic company& customs and 3Plasers support us to het this through smoothly.
This machine are able to get color on stainless steel but need to adjust the setting right depend on material.
Expect to have 30-40W version laser with rotary module.
Highly recommend to get one!
Linh Tran
Linh Tran
Ordered EM-Smart One
Great machine! I love that it's designed to be portable and it's extremely easy to use. It looks modern and very clean. I ended up having an issue with the first machine I ordered, but the support team spoke with me on WhatsApp to diagnose the issue and come to a conclusion on how to resolve my problem. I use this for my business and it has exponentially sped up my process of customizing products for my customers. Thank you! Can't wait to take this to events with me in 2022. :)
Ordered EM-Smart One
As the world′s smallest 20W desktop fiber laser marking machine, EM-Smart One weighs only 10kg with a dimension 260*440*505mm (A3 Size).
The first laser marking machine with both portable size and weight, and commercial power. Perfect for Etsy sellers, gift shops, DIY lovers, handicraftsmen, souvenir shops, Kickstarter entrepreneurs, and small businesses.
23 years' industrial laser experience. Focus on R&D of commercial laser applications. Certified by CE, SGS and FDA, etc.
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EM-Smart One The smallest 20W industrial fiber laser marking machine in the world.
3PLASERS® We have 23 years of laser R&D and manufacturing experience and are committed to creating a better life with lasers.
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