EM-Smart One vs EM-Smart Nova
By 3PLASERS | 27 April 2022 | 0 Comments

EM-Smart One vs EM-Smart Nova

What's the difference between EM-Smart One and EM-Smart Nova?

The main difference:
● Laser source: EM-Smart One used the laser source: Raycus, and Nova is MAX laser source.
●Output power(w): The EM-Smart One has an output of 20W, Nova is available in two versions: 18W and 25W
●Size and weight: EM-Smart One Size: 440*260*54mm, weight 10kg; EM-Smart Nova Size: 370*258*65mm, weight 8.5kg

Same point:
●Both are foldable design
●Both have the ability to engrave metal, abs, plastic, slate, coated wood, etc, and cutting function. Of course, the 25W EM-Smart Nova has stronger engrave ability and faster engrave speed.
●Both with a standard marking field of 110*110mm and a max marking height of 90mm

For more parameter comparison, please refer to the below info: 


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